R&D strategy

Through the establishment of a long-term collaboration system with top-tier medical professionals,
swift technology acquisition and development of therapeutic agents are progressing

R&D system

R&D network

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    BIO SCIENCE research team

    Advanced analytical methods
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    Cell line development, non-clinical/clinical,
    manufacturing process development, approval
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    Medical staff with patient pool and research capabilities

    Intermediary research and clinical progress

Long-term collaborative research system



  • Establishment of long-term collaboration system by pipeline
  • From the beginning, a patient pool and a research-capable medical team participate in the development of treatment options, ensuring both safety and efficacy
  • To overcome the scarcity of stem cell research personnel in the early stages of the industry, efforts are made to build a robust pool of skilled professionals
  • For biotech venture companies with limited financial resources, there are several methodologies to effectively conduct R&D for multiple pipelines
  • Building long-term trust relationships is crucial
  • CorestemChemon has established a strong reputation and gained the trust of researchers