Nonclinical CRO Business Unit

The non-clinical business unit represents a distinguished private testing agency in this field,
having been established as the first of its kind in Korea.
It has been certified as a GLP facility and has equipped with itself with
appropriate facilities and highly-skilled research personnel
who are capable of conducting a wide range of essential tests required for pharmaceutical development.


The nonclinical CRO business unit of CORESTEMCHEMON adheres to GLP standards and maintains rigorous standard operating procedures (SOPs) for conducting each test and operating equipment. Our comprehensive services include conducting a variety of essential tests for the development of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, pesticides, and chemicals, making us an integral part of the bio-industry in terms of pioneering innovative substances, and improving the overall health and wellbeing of the public.

Moreover, it is no exaggeration to say that all industries in Korea have entered an era of infinite competition due to the signing of multilateral FTAs such as the one between Korea and the United States. For the bio industry to play a role as a next-generation growth engine for Korea, development of new materials is important.

Since beginning its CRO business in 2000, the non-clinical CRO business unit has been committed to constantly learning and improving its practice, in order to provide reliable data that is recognized on an international scale as evidenced by its submission and approval for domestic and overseas regulatory approval.

Our suite of services includes a range of vital tests such as toxicity tests, efficacy tests, drug pharmacokinetic tests, and analytical test. We also conduct various testing of chemicals, including evaluation of effects on biotic systems and health for registration of chemicals required by Chemical Control Acts.

Our growth as a non-clinical CRO business unit is attributed to the trust and support of our valued customers. We pledge to continue thinking and acting with the customer's best interests in mind, and to strive for excellence in providing internationally recognized results at competitive prices within the desired time frame. We appreciate your support.

All the employees in CORESTEMCHEMON Inc.